INVT DB100 Series Servo System for Air Jet Loom
Release Time:2015-12-25

1. Solution of the servo air jet loom


2. Advantages of servo air jet loom

  With high power factor, PM motor can achieve high utilization of electricity and good energy saving effect;

  Large start torque, rapid acceleration, taking less than 200ms for accelerating to 500rpm;

  Smaller than switched reluctance motor, more convenient for installation;

  Smaller torque ripple than switched reluctance motor, more stable operation;

  Smaller vibration and lower noise;

  Easy speed adjustment;

  Low failure rate.

3. Specification of DB100 servo system

4. Typical cases of DB100

Suzhou HUAYI Machine CO., LTD

It is a famous company in textile industry, the company can produce more than 300 sets textile equipment each month. INVT supplies more than 1000 sets servo system for this company every year.

5. Summary

After long time practice, it's proved that INVT DB100 servo system can completely meet the requirement of the air jet loom machine. And after counting, the failure rate is very low. The customers are very satisfied with INVT DB100 servo system.

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