Application of INVT GD300-02 Inverter to the Renovation of Spinning Frame
Release Time:2015-12-25

1.Project introduction

System Structure: HMI + PLC + GD300-02 Inverter

2. Advantage of using GD300-02 inverter

  Through-the-wall installation and fanless design.

  Adopting the high temperature capacitor to keep the long time reliable working.

  Adopting multi-layer graphite technology, improving the moisture proof level.

  The process changing conveniently, reducing accessories.

  Reducing the breakage rate.

3. Steps for renovating the spinning frame

Based on the original spinning frame machine, the GD300-02 is the only new device added on it.

  Modify the PLC program, add the function of regulating speed, pull the medium yarns, and the fault alarm.

  Modify the HMI program, add the function of regulating speed, pull the medium yarns, and the fault alarm.

  Change the layout of the control cabinet, and put the GD300-02 inverter into it.

4. Current condition of the FA506

  The control part adopts the PLC + contactor + relay way, it can support to view textile parameters and achieve the three automatic doffing movements.

  The motor drive the full load every starting time, when dozens of equipments started at the same time, it's a large impact to the electrical grid.

  Every time when replacing a variety of products, it has to change the speed, and need to replace the belt pulley.

5. Typical cases

Shandong Ruyi Group Yinlian Textile mill purchased 99 PCS INVT GD300-02 inverters for renovating project.

6. The value for customers after the renovation

  Achieve the stepless speed regulation accurately, and improve the efficiency;

  Improve the kind and the quality of yarn;

  Reduce the breakage rate more than 15% in the small yarn stage;

  Reduce the impact a lot to the electrical grid and the original electrical parts;

  Improving the reliability of the electrical system and the component life;

  Reduce the failure rate and the maintenance workload;

  Save the energy, and achieve more than 3% of the electricity saving rate.

7. Summary

The INVT GD300-02 series inverter is suitable for the textile industry, the hardware of it is redesigned. It can support the high temperature environment because of using the high temperature capacitor and the separated professional heatsink. And the spinning frame is the main spinning equipment, so adopting the GD300-02 in the textile industry is a wise choice.

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