Typical Application of GD300 Inverter for Rotor Spinning Machine
Release Time:2015-12-25

I. About High Speed Winder

Undoubtedly, high speed winder is the most important unit in chemical fiber filament spinning machine and directly influences the development of spinning technology. Automatic high speed winder is mainly composed of two automatically-switched chuck spindles, pressure roll, rotator, traverse motion guiding mechanism, raise head and drum. The yarns wind on the chuck spindle through the pressure roll; with the yarn package diameter getting bigger, the rotator makes fine motion under the function of servomotor and chain to ensure stable contact pressure in every winding period. When one winding period is finished, the rotator reverses quickly and switches the other chuck spindle on workbench and enter the next winding period, when the second chuck spindle is fully spun, you may start to do the drum.


II. Control Requirements

Goodrive300 series inverter is mainly applied to the drive of chuck spindle and these requirements are as follows :

1. Good performance of open-loop vector permanent magnet synchronous motor, quick and stable to start and stop;

2. The chucking motor works in high speed with high accuracy, winding speed is faster than 5,000m/min, the accuracy of constant speed is 0.03%;

3. Good weak magnet control, permanent synchronous motor and high speed weak magnet drive;

 4. Good communication and anti-interruption ability, excellent EMC and EMI characteristics, good stability of control system and communication.


III. Solution

       1. PC-based control + PLC + inverter drive, take advantage of the strong computing ability of computer to record, save, analyze, compute the speed values and realize the display of data and status so as to achieve the real-time monitoring to the control system; PLC is used to identify the status and control the input/output and finish the communication.

       2. Goodrive300 series inverter with good control performance of permanent magnet synchronous motor can ensure the accuracy of drive speed and start-stop speed  .


IV. Advantages

1. The strong PC-based control system ensures the stability of winding tension;

2. Fast and reliable of winder switchover with high probability of success and good yarn package formation;

3. The system run stably, excelente EMC characteristics, applicability is highly enhanced.

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