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Goodrive5000 Series Vector Control Medium Voltage Inverters
Goodrive5000 series products are medium voltage variable frequency speed control systems developed, designed and manufactured by INVT, adopt the most popular serial topology of power units and integrate DSP+PFGA+ARM 3-core control technology. With the most advanced high-performance vector control algorithm and compatible with vectorization VF control, the system applies to asynchronous and synchronous (PMS) motors and it is widely used in fans, pumps, compressors, belt conveyors, hoists, etc. It is an upgraded version of the original CHH100 products.
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* Asynchronous and synchronous motor control technology
* Four-quadrant drive technology
* LVRT- technology
* Full band rotating speed tracking
* The same level bypass and Neutral point drifting bypass
* Excellent low frequency control
* Master-slave control



3.3kV   185-2240kW
4.16kV  220-2800kW
6kV     185-6300kW
10kV    220-10000kW





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