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IVC1 series mini PLC
IVC1 series PLC is a mini high-performance PLC with small structure and powerful functions. It can be widely used in the mechanical manufacture industries such as textile fiber, machine tools, cables, foods and drinks, packages, plastics and steels,buildings, air conditioners, elevators and printing.
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IVC1 series PLC features small sizes and high performance in automation control. It has a built-in microprocessor, core computing control system, as well as input points, output points, expansion module buses, etc.;this series also includes I/O extension module and special module; the main module has two communication interfaces; the main module I/O also has high-speed counting and high-speed pulse output channel to achieve precision positioning; it has a wealth of built-in programming resources and three standard programming languages, and supports debugging monitoring via Auto Station programming software; it also has an effective user program safety protection system.

1.Small size, high configuration, high-capacity and fast speed

2.Strong positioning and high-speed processing capability

3.Strong communication

4.Powerful programmable software


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